The Oxagon is to Be the World’s Largest Floating Port City

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The Oxagon is to Be the World’s Largest Floating Port City

What is the Oxagon In NEOM Saudi Arabia?

The Oxagon is a part of Saudi Arabia’s NEOM, a planned 7-kilometer-wide floating city reported to be the world’s largest floating structure.

Table of contents

  • What is the Oxagon In NEOM Saudi Arabia?
  • Oxagon NEOM location
  • What does Oxagon NEOM offer
  • Features
    • Oxagon, NEOM’s Smart Tech Features
    • Clean energy at Oxagon NEOM
    • Infrastructure at Oxagon NEOM
  • Life and business in Oxagon NEOM

Oxagon NEOM location

Oxagon is situated in Tabuk province on the Saudi Red Sea coast, where 13 percent of global trade passes through and onto the Suez Canal. 

The smart supply chain hub is the future of advanced and clean industries, enabled by an automated port. The city expects to host a population of 90,000 and offer around 70,000 jobs by 2030.

Courtesy by Oxagon, Neom

What does Oxagon NEOM offer

Innovation in industry and technology is the name of the game for Oxagon. It will drive NEOM Saudi Arabia’s economic and industrial engine while offering unparalleled livability. 

The city will attract global talent in manufacturing and create a new focal point for international trade flow, strengthening Saudi Arabia’s clout in regional trade and commerce.


  • World’s largest floating structure
  •  A hub for clean, advanced manufacturing
  • Innovation and research
  • Globally connected next-generation automated port
  • Exceptional livability
  • 100% clean energy
  • High-speed rail to NEOM airport and THE LINE 
  • The Red Sea’s largest cruise terminal
  • 5 minutes from the beach and nature 
  • 100% sustainable clean energy
  • Port capacity 3.5m TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) 

Oxagon, NEOM’s Smart Tech Features

  • World’s first fully integrated port & supply chain developed on a single digital platform.
  • Intelligent offloading
  • Integrated warehousing
  • Automated transport systems
  • Smart fulfillment centers
  • Driverless last mile: quick and secure deliveries to end-customer.
  • Advanced and Clean Industries
  • Research and Innovation
  • Next Generation Port
  • Integrated Supply Chain and Logistics Zone
  • Urban Communities

Clean energy at Oxagon NEOM

Oxagon’s circular economy will produce clean energy that minimizes waste and maximizes the following renewable, sustainable energy sources;

  • Renewable energy
  • Solar PV
  • Green hydrogen 
  • wind power.

Infrastructure at Oxagon NEOM

Technology and digital

  • Industrial and general-purpose robots communication infrastructure for 5G+
  • Space technology and systems
  • Electronic components
  • 3D printing equipment.

Health and wellbeing

  • Pharma
  • Biotech
  • Nutrition
  • Medtech.

Modern construction

  • Modular construction
  • 3D printing
  •  Sustainable steel
  •  Zero-emission heavy machinery.

Water conservation

  • Seawater destination
  • Brine management
  • Wastewater treatment

Autonomous mobility:

  • Autonomous shuttles and pods
  • Urban air mobility
  • Green heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Green watercraft

Sustainable food production

  • Greenhouses
  • Aquaculture
  • Alternative meat
  • Sustainable packaging.

Life and business in Oxagon NEOM

Turn your ambitions into reality at Oxagon. The NEOM’s catalyst will deliver unique living and innovative working, impacting businesses to harmonize with nature with minimum waste and maximum output.

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