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In Dubai, how to pay RTA fines

Have you been issued a parking ticket or a fine for using the toll gates without filling off your Salik account? Depending on the sort of infraction for which you have been penalized by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), you have a variety of options for paying your payment.

How to pay RTA fines in Dubai is described below.

How to pay for Salik violations, parking fines

Here’s how to check for fines and pay them if you received a violation for exceeding the time allotted for your parking ticket or regularly crossing toll gates without having any money in your Salik account:

  1. Visit:
  2. Use one of the following techniques to look up any fines levied against you:
  • Using your vehicle number plate.
  • Using your license number.
  • Using your fine number.
  • Using your traffic file number
  1. The system will give information on any fines that may have been issued after you enter the required info.

After that, you can finish making the payment with a credit or debit card.

The “RTA” app, which is accessible for both Apple and Android smartphones, can also be used to pay the fines.

Paying fines for using Metro or tram

When you receive a fine for using the Metro or tram, you have the following options for paying it, per the RTA website:

  • Travel to Al Barsha, Al Manara, Al Kifaf, and Al Twar to visit the Happiness Center.
  • After the fine has been imposed, pay the inspector directly.

You will also be assessed a Dh20 “Knowledge and Innovation Fee” in addition to your fine.

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